Merven Technologies is a design studio driven by state-of-the-art infrastructure. We have made significant investments to ensure that we fulfill adequate capacity to sustain the growing business needs. The facility has a structured network. Providing prompt service, quick delivery of solutions and faster turnaround time, has been made possible only with our world-class facilities.
Hardware Environment - Extensive infrastructure comprising open systems environment including the latest tools for creative productivity and quality with uninterrupted power supply systems.
Security - All facilities are highly secure through network security by firewall implementations, antivirus solutions and other isolation mechanisms.
Knowledge Management - Knowledge Management tool in place, which enables our organization to effectively tap into our collective knowledge resources and experiences.
Data Communication Links - The entire facility is connected to the internet world through a dedicated broadband connectivity. Apart from this, there is a 100 mbps intranet for interoffice information exchange and speedy work distribution.
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